TIX on the Square



We are on a journey of understanding and healing.

There remains much pain in our communities but also signs of progress and hope.

While our specific aim is co-creation of a new Face of Edmonton,

some issues, visions and potential actions that arose in this ongoing consultation are below.


1. Protection of Edmonton's River Valley

1.1. There is a consensus to keep it undeveloped and allow people to continue to enjoy its natural beauty.

1.2. Commitment is needed from all levels of government to protect as much of the river valley as possible in perpetuity.

1.3. The entire North Saskatchewan River flowing through Alberta and Edmonton is officially a Canadian Heritage River.


2. Establishing kihciy askiy - Sacred Land

2.1. Phase 1 was designed jointly by the City of Edmonton and

Indigenous Knowledge and Wisdom Centre and was opened on Sept 22, 2023.

2.2. Phase 2 includes a boardwalk with places to pray and chainlink fence replacement; IKWC welcomes donations.


3. Renaming Oliver

3.1. The name of Oliver Square has been changed to Unity Square

3.2. Oliver neighbourhood is renamed Wîhkwêntôwin after #UncoverOliver's consultation and City Council approval in 2024.


4. Rethinking Emily Murphy

4.1. This park had a facelift and another budget is approved by the City of Edmonton for rehabilitating the park road in 2024.

4.2. Let's explore ways to honour the thousands of women forcibly and illegally sterilized due to the eugenics movement she promoted.


5. Engaging in Public Art

5.1. Placing the Buffalo and the Buffalo Fur Trader by the Walterdale Bridge would have provoked deep thought but also much pain.

5.2. Consider co-creation and use of publicly-funded art to respect our past, present & future, while providing understanding and healing.

5.3. The Bronze buffalo sculpture honouring "savior of the Cree language" Dr. Anne Anderson is repaired and reinstalled in west Edmonton.


6. Honour the Survivors, Lost Children and their Families and Communities

6.1. The Truth and Reconciliation Report makes recommendations including on commemoration.

6.2. As a result Kihciy Maskikiy/Aakaakmotaani was installed by the Alberta Legislature in 2023.

6.3 An Indigenous seniors lodge by Métis Capital Housing Corporation is supported by a City of Edmonton Indigenous Housing Grant.


7. Respect the Buried

7.1. The Rossdale Traditional Burial Grounds Memorial was formed by a consultation, providing a way forwards.

7.2. There are many more burial grounds throughout the river valley, these also need to be respected.


Engagement and Solidarity

This project was started by a Canadian family with ancestry in Europe and now living in Edmonton.

We started this project in 2015 in response to the City's call to re-imagine Edmonton.

In 2023 we expanded our consultation after discussions with our Councillors.

We thank First Nations, Métis and Inuit artists including at EPL and Art and Heritage and heard stories of survival.

We learned from emerging leaders, Elders and Knowledge Keepers including

Anita Cardinal, Terry Lusty, Lewis Cardinal, Sharon Cherweniuk, Jo-Ann Saddleback and Heather Shillinglaw

who shared their stories and visions,

and we thank you for your interest and insights.

We are committed to helping our community, and value your input.


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