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Face of Edmonton


This Make Something Edmonton project aims to co-create images that re-imagine our place in this river valley.

This is our 10th anniversary since beginning to design and share one image annually about the beauty of Edmonton.

Anyone is welcome to freely contribute images that celebrate this place and vote for their favorite.



The submissions are considered by independent designers and local leaders including from Indigenous communities.

Submissions are shared via our website, e-news and poster to obtain feedback, and may be included in a festival along the river.

Images may be made available on merchandise at locations such as the Edmonton Arts Council Shop.

Submissions remain the property of whoever designed them, and they are free to use their designs however they wish.


Criteria for submissions for 2024

1. Reflect our region's ancestry, diversity and aspirations (including reconciliation)

2. Accessible and safe for anyone

3. Evaluated as a single image and brief text


Our Consultation and Engagement Stages

1. First Nations, Métis and Inuit peoples from September 2023 onwards

2. Art & Design community including (1) from October 2023 onwards

3. Business, government and charity sector leaders including from (1-2) thereafter

4. Edmontonians including from (1-3) are asked to consider and comment on submissions in 2024


Why submit an image?

1. Gain exposure of your design, imagery and events

2. You own and can sell or license your compositions

3. We offer to help produce & distribute merchandise and donate to a local charity from the proceeds.

4. You receive all proceeds if you make & distribute derivative merchandise, or at least half if we do.

Edmonton River provides visibility and connections, and is looking to give people new ways to appreciate this region.

Anyone is free to upload an image or sketch, feedback may be given and updates may be invited.



1. Submissions will be considered by artists, designers, Elders, and Knowledge Keepers.

2. Criteria include originality, creativity, design excellence and relevance to the region's ancestry/diversity/aspirations.

Creatives should respect First Nations, Inuit and Métis artistic expressions, and Indigenous rights, views and cultural protocols.

Images should be original, indicating sources of inspiration; you may include an "e" shape with a river but there is no need to.

We do not accept submissions that are generated by AI programs such as ChatGPT, DALL-E, Dream, ImagenJasper or Nightcafe.

3. Submissions that meet the criteria will be circulated more widely to engage local leaders and the general public.

4. Creatives are expected to generate returns through product sales, we are also looking into organizing awards and a festival.


Further details?

Contact us if you'd like to meet up to discuss this opportunity.

We welcome any novel artwork or design, with ownership being retained by the creatives involved.

For background on this self-funded project and past images feel free to check our slidedeck.

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